Air Source Heat Pump – Wellingore, Lincoln - Domestic


About The Project

  • ASHP System Size: 9kW
  • ASHP Model: Panasonic WH-MXC09G3E5
  • Renewable Heat (kWhrs): 14624
  • Est. RHI Payment over 7 years: £10,738
  • PV Inverter Model: SolarEdge SE3680H

Mr Williams had a Sanyo air source heat pump installed by a national company in 2009/10, but when his heat pump stopped working he was unable to make contact with this company (unfortunately a common occurrence in this industry).

In 2009 Sanyo was a subsidiary of Panasonic (which later became wholly owned by Panasonic in 2011), so Mr Williams contacted Panasonic direct for their support. The air source heat pump team at Panasonic offered Mr Williams a discounted heat pump if installed by a local Panasonic Pro Partner and passed Mr Williams the details of UK Alternative Energy.
In May 2018 we had fully upgraded his heating system with the new Panasonic heat pump and as a happy customer he returned three months later for support on upgrading his Solar PV system. Again, unfortunately for the customer, this system was installed poorly by a national company that didn’t use the correct mounting system for an in-roof system. We installed the correct mounting system as well as upgraded his inverter to a SolarEdge Optimisation system.



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